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Dodge Intrepid 1999 Engine keeps turning off while driving

Hello i have been to several mechanics, no one can find anything wrong with it. This 1999 dodge intrepid only has 75,000 miles on it. While driving the enginge turns off and will not turn back on for 30 minutes to hours. it does not happen all the time. The mechanic said there is nothing wrong with the car, and as soon as i went to pick it up driving it back home it turned off again?

Car’s which run fine, then suddenly stop for no reason, often that is caused by a faulty fuel pump or a faulty ignition system. Sometimes – if there’s one installed – it is the car alarm system which does it.

What do you mean it won’t turn back on? When this happens, does it still crank when the key is in the start position? Do you mean it cranks, but doesn’t start? Or do you mean it doesn’t crank either? Do the lights work? The guages? All those things are clues to the cause. And if the check engine light comes on or not. Report back here with more info what the car can and can’t do when it gets in this mode.

the lights and gauges work correctly, when the car shuts off, the check oil light comes on and the RPM 'S go to Zero. yesterday i was driving it on the farm to market road going 55MPH it jerked a little like it wasn’t shifting correctly then shut off. everything shuts off i was thinking it was the fuel pump , starter or transmission ? the mechanic said the transmission is okay and all the sensors so that everything is okay. there is no car alarm system installed.

The problem might with the crankshaft position sensor being effected by heat. If the computer loses the signal from the crankshaft position sensor, the computer thinks the engine is no longer rotating so it sees no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems so the engine shuts down. Then after the crank sensor cools back down the engine starts and runs again.

One way to test the sensor is monitor it’s resistance with a meter while appling heat with a heat gun to the sensor. If the resistance goes out of spec replace the sensor.