Problems, Problems

My wife was in a minor accident the other day. She was crossing an intersecton when a car hit her on the side. This caused her to spin. I looked at my wife’s vehicle (Jeep Liberty) and from the outside it shows very little damage. A few scratches on the hub cap and fender. When I drove it around it makes a “womp, womp” sound coming from the back. The tires look okay. Could it be the drove shaft or axel? What do you think?

I hope your wife is OK.

It is time to call the insurance company. Your insurance company, no matter who’s fault it was. They can contact the other insurance company and get things worked out.

It sounds like a drive train issue, but let the pros figure it out, they can see and hear it in person, we can only guess. It could even be just a tyre, but I would not bet on it.

Good Luck

Do you think it would be safe to drive until the insurance company looks at it? My wife works about 5 miles from the house.

It’s a bad idea to drive it until the insurance company looks at it. It’d be very easy for the insurance to claim damage resulted from driving the vehicle after the collision, and therefore not pay for anything. Besides, many insurance companies will pay for a rental car when your vehicle is out of service due to collision.

My insurance does not provide a rental car. The best time to have the insurance adjuster look at it is tomorrow during my lunch break at their location. The insurance company can’t guarantee the adjuster can come to my house this week. I just need it fixed ASAP. If it is the drive train(worse case scenario) would it be safe enough to drive? If it is not safe i’ll just have to wait for the adjuster to come see me. Your thoughts are appreciated in this conundrum.

Pay to have it towed to their location(or a body shop wich is where it should be right now), on a flat bed if possible. And, like lp said, if you drive it and it breaks on you, you’re probably gonna be paying for the whole kit and kaboodle.

Lemme ask you this; Wich do you have more of, time or money? If you have more money than time, by all means, drive it till the adjuster comes to look at it.