Possible damages

My car was hit by another car in the front tire area at the driver side. The top of the tire looked being pushed in and tilted and it did not respond to the steering wheel any more. There was lots of pink fluid coming out under the car. It had to be towed to a repair shop and they did not have a chance to take a look at it yet. I worried about possible damages to the engine and the transmission. Can someone tell me what kind of possible damages to the car it may be based on my description? The engine still ran, but the damaged tire would not turn. Was it only something connecting to the tire broken and/or some pipes broken? Or some severe damages to the power train? Thanks.

Sounds like impact drove axle half-shaft through the transmission case. Depending on model year and mileage, the car may be repairable or it may not…

Does that mean the transmission was damaged? The car was 2000 and 100k mileage. Thanks for the reply.

You must have taken an unhealthy hit. This will be an expensive repair because all the suspension and steering parts that are bent, broken, and damaged. The fluid could be power steering fluid coming from the steering rack. That would be your best news. If it is transmission fluid (both are red usually) that means the impact was enough to crack the transmission case.

The repair estimate is going to be a multiple thousand dollar number and likely is more than the book value for a 2000 model car.

You did not say what kind of car, a hit like that in the front should finish off just about any vehicle with 100K, hit list for repairs would include but not limited to trans, axle shaft, control arm, spindle, strut, brg plate, everything. Dump that vehicle if possible.

Start by calling your insurance company. No matter who was at fault. Was the other driver insured? If so talk to their insurance company. You really will not know enough to make any decisions until the shop has the car and the estimates, by then it will be in the hands of the insurance company.

Thank you all. It was my fault because the other driver has the right of way. And I just took off the comp coverage this year because it is 10 years old car. I have to take the loss. Will it worth it if the repair costs several thousands?

Here is some good news: You are going car shopping on Black Friday!!! Do not attempt to fix this unless you work at a body/suspension/transmission shop.

This does sound like severe damage, unfortunately.

Since it probably involves the transmission as well as front-end components (and God only knows what else), I believe that the repairs will likely exceed the book value of the car.