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A16 yo wrecked into my Wrangler. Not the same Jeep

I just got my jeep back from a 6 week stint at Mike’s Autobody. Insurance would only guarantee the repair if I went through their garage. My gut was telling me to take it to jeep but they would only reimburse me 80% of the repair.
Beside the general body repair, the garage replaced the wheel or steering shaft and then found the suspension needed to be replaced. Driving away from the garage,I felt a rubbing vibration when I made the right turn. It also makes this same sound when I drive at a higher speed.
I’ve only had it back for 24 hrs but something is not right.
Any help? A friend told me once your jeep is wrecked, sell it, it’ll never be the same. Defeatist attitude or truth?
I have built bike tires and it almost feels like something isn’t “true-d” if that makes sense to anyone??

A wrecked “anything” is not going to drive as well as a vehicle that has not been wrecked. I would just sell the Wrangler and get another one (new or used). Just make sure to test drive it under varying conditions before you do. I agree 100% with your friend that “once your jeep is wrecked, sell it, it’ll never be the same.” That sentiment applies to any vehicle that needs “a 6 week stint in a body shop.”

Missileman is probably correct, but you will get more value for the jeep if you get it repaired before selling it. The insurance company is required to repair it at no cost to you, so take advantage of that. It may take some haggling and yelling, but eventually they would (one hopes) fix the problems.

Check with your state’s insurance commissioner’s office. That “80%” policy of theirs may be illegal.

You should return to the repair shop and tell them what you think is wrong first. If no good result after that contact your insurance. If this is being paid for by someone else’s insurance contact them also.

instantly ;
Tell the insurance
take it right back to the shop so they can can call it a continuation and not something new.

Take it back, have it checked, and insist they fix it to your satisfaction. We had a car that was in a front end accident. When we got it back, the front right wheel made a noise whenever it rotated. We took it to a local dealer (accident occurred 8 hours away from home) and they found a damaged wheel bearing. The dealer, insurance company, and original shop discussed it and replaced the wheel bearing at their expense.

Only reimburse you by 80%… Sounds like Medicare for cars. Take it back until you are satisfied. The collision repair companies I have used, all had one year warranties. I would not do business without it…problems can easily show up later.

They should have inspected the wreck for damage more closely and at that point totaled the vehicle instead of repairing it…