Problems after changing my fuel pump

I have a 02 VW Passat 1.8t SW. I recently changed my fuel pump but now the gas gauge is stuck on E. I also can only put about 10 to 15 dollar in the tank before it stops.

Needless to say, you will need to go back and correct whatever you did wrong when replacing the pump.

you tell me. did you drop the tank or does the pump come out the top of tank thru access panel where you dont have to lower tank to do it?

Sounds like an issue with the sending unit. It’s a device that tells the fuel gauge what to display. Perhaps you damaged it or forgot to plug it back in. I would start there.

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Stuck on E means there is a lack of continuity through the fuel gauge circuit to the tank sending unit. This could point to a pump connector problem.

I also note that some pump modules are provided without the fuel gauge sending unit. Any chance you installed a pump sans sending unit? No sender would keep the gauge on E.