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Gas gauge doesn't work

I have just replaced the fuel pump on my 1994 gmc 1500 Z71 and it works great. Before, it wouldn’t keep running and the fuel gauge was pointing straight down at 6 o’clock. Now that the new fuel pump is in place and pumping the gauge has moved but only over to about 4 o’clock. Help.

Did The New Fuel Pump Include A New Fuel Sensor (Sender)?

The float inside the tank is either stuck or damaged. The tank has to come out again and parts replaced or live with it like I am doing.


well, I didn’t drop the tank nor did I take the bed off. This old truck has a hard shell type bed liner. I took the liner out and measured real close and cut a square hole in the bed just over the fuel pump. So taking it out again will be no problem. GM should be ashamed for not putting a trap door of some kind just for the fuel pump.

Puts a new perspective on a pro that can do the job and beat warranty time and do it right the first time, but everyone knows these pro mechanics are just out to steal they don’t deserve the money they earn.