Replacing a fuel guags on 01 strattus

any help would be great i am going to change a faulty fuel guauge pump assembly allready changed and still no fuel level red gas light still works

Did you change the sending unit on the fuel tank itself. It is likely the problem is the sending unit, which measures how much fuel remains in the tank and transmits this information to the gauge. It may not be integral to the pump assembly. If it is, and was changed, then you may have a broken or grounded wire in the rear harness between the sending unit and the gauge. You can test this by unplugging the send unit and attaching an Ohm meter (set on Ohms), with one lead on each non-ground wire and another on the frame/body of the car. If a wire is grounded, the meter will show this. You can also check the power coming into the sending unit with the same meter (set to read DC voltage). If doing this reveals no issues, then you are going to have to disassemble the dash. Probably the easiest thing would be to go to a salvage yard and get the whole dash gauge assembly and swab it out as the individual gauges are going to be serviceable. You will, however, then be able to check the wiring at that end.

sending unit was changed with the assembly and the low fuel light still functions so if it was wire at the assembly it would prob not function on low fuel light as this is done by ohms also if i am correct?
thats why i believe it is the guage the car onlt has 50k on it

The sending unit wires to the body control module (BCM) along with a bunch of other sensors. From there the BCM communicates all the information to the instrument cluster through a com buss.

So my suspicion is the same as yours, and that is the problem is most likely in the instrument cluster, or the gauge because the low fuel warning light still works.

You might try your luck at a U pick U Pull Junkyard for a replacement instrument cluster. Although it is a gamble.

The sending unit with proper diagnostic software could probably be checked

Obtaining a salvage yard cluster lets you see what you are dealing with…

Traditionally, fuel gauges were ammeters, the currant flow (and meter reading) controlled by the rheostat (the thing the float is connected to) in the tank…

If you ground the gauge wire at the tank, the gauge should read “full” or Empty". Disconnected, the gauge should read the opposite of what it does when grounded…