Fuel pump sending unit

Subaru baja,
Is the sending unit in the fuel pump? Just got a new fuel pump and fuel gauge does not work.

That’s the way it was in my Riviera and same thing when my tank was changed the fuel read zero. The sending unit portion was $300 though so I went without a gauge for a few years. The sender would include a float attached to a circuit board that would read the resistance to display on the gauge. It would be attached to the pump but not included with a new pump. Handling an old sending unit though can damage it so likely that’s what happened or else not plugged in again. Back to the shop to at least have them take a look.

Some fuel pump modules don’t come with the fuel level sensor, you must transfer the fuel level sensor from the old unit.

Did you compare the old unit with the new one?

Thank you so much for the info. Unfortunately it was done by a (certified)mechanic…my first visit with him.im sure the old pump is in the graveyard by now.

Interesting! Great in site. Time will tell after I ride around some. Thanks for your time and help.

So the mechanic returned the car with a non-functional fuel gauge or it failed after some period? Your first move is to call and let them have a chance to fix it. Or have you left out that detail and it’s past that point with him denying responsibility?

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That’s correct. Returned car with non functional fuel gauge. Everything was fine until the car sat for 5 days. Returned from vacation and would not start. Towed it to him and the rest is history.

Why did you accept delivery of the car with the non-functional fuel gauge . . . ?

assuming the fuel gauge was working before the mechanic replaced the fuel pump . . .

The mechanic said to drive it for a week to see what happens.

That type of statement on the part of the mechanic should be your signal to NOT use his shop again.

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Dog gone it. I just filled up. Gauge showing half a tank. First thing monday,I’m throwing the keys on his counter! Wish me luck. Thanks for your time and support.

Here’s some very simple questions

What year is your Subaru?

What exact model?

When he replaced the fuel pump . . . did he in fact replace the entire fuel module, which would include the pump, sending unit, fuel tank pressure sensor, etc . . . ?

In any case, when he told you to wait a week to see what would happen . . . that is a totally unacceptable answer. These problems don’t “fix themselves”

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2006 Baja. Just the fuel pump. I really me3ded the car back. I guess I was just desperate. He said fill it up every 300 miles and keep track with the odometer.

This is the fuel pump by itself


This is the fuel pump “module”

Notice how the module also includes the fuel tank sending unit . . . ?

If he installed the module, that fuel gauge should be working correctly, assuming you’ve got no problem with the car’s wiring and/or the instrument cluster

In any case, the mechanic’s explanation and/or advice is terrible

Heads up . . . most mechanics install the entire fuel tank module, because it just makes sense

I suggest you closely look at your receipts . . . if there’s any part numbers, give them to us. Maybe we can decipher just what was installed

Receipt aside . . . this guy owes you a much better explanation

And even if he installed only the pump . . . there are things that can go wrong that could cause the fuel gauge to malfunction

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Wow! Thank you so much. Looks like an interesting day tomorrow. I really appreciate your time.