Fuel Gauge Stuck



I Have A 2005 Crown Victoria.I Normally Put 93 Premium In The Tank But The Other Day I Made A Mistake and Put Unleaded In tank and Now The Fuel Gauge Stuck Above Half.I Wanted To Know How Can I Fix This.I read It could be the Fuel Pump but I Just Got A Brand New FUEL PUMP installed a month ago

Gas Gauge stopped working

There is a float connected to the fuel pump. Its pupose is to measure the level of fuel in the gas tank. It might be stucked due to a bad installation or defective unit. Using another type of gasoline will not cause the fuel gauge to get stucked.


rascal243 is correct. I’d like to add that all fuel sold today is unleaded. I think you mean “regular”, ie, not premium.


So I would have to Buy Another Fuel Pump or Float?


You would need to buy a fuel pump and housing assembly that includes the float and the sender.

Just the pump could have been replaced or the entire assembly. Look at your bill, maybe the entire assembly was replaced and is still under warranty.


It’s an all in one system. You need to buy the electric fuel pump if there isn’t something wrong on the receiving end of the signal. An OEM unit is $145 at NAPA on line, if you want to fix it yourself. I’m not familiar with the Crown Vic. You either get at it though a port in the trunk or under the back seat, or you have to drop the tank.


I think he is referring to premium in regards to octane rating. (93 octane)


That comment was in regards to the above statement from the OP. All gas today is unleaded.


You coulda put water in the tank and it wouldn’t make any difference. When they replaced the pump, the sender got messed up. You need a new sender which means taking the tank down again and the pump if its worth it. When I had my tank replaced, the sender got wrecked and the gauge read zero all the time. A new sender was $300 for my Buick so I just lived with it. When I got gas I’d reset the computer so I knew how many miles I could go but never knew the level of the tank. Never figured out how it could know one without the other.


I absolutely agree.


I would start with disconnecting the fuel pump/fuel sender unit first and see if the gauge goes to zero with ignition on. It could be the gauge gone bad.


Don’t buy anything until you get a professional diagnosis from someone who has looked at your car. You could easily spend lots of money throwing parts at this problem and not solve it.


@asterix 's idea is a good place to start. Before dealing with the gas tank, you want to make sure the problem is the sender unit in the tank and not the gauge itself that is sticking. If I had this problem first thing I’d probably do is tap (not whack) the tank with a short stick, like a one foot section of discarded broom handle. Sometimes that will unstick a sticking float. I used this same technique to get a stuck computer hard drive spinning again just the other day in fact. The moral of this story: Don’t throw your old broom handles away … lol …


Sorry For The Late Reply I been Busy With Work but I Fixed It…Thanks For Everyone Help…It Was Indeed The Sender Unit


Glad you’ve got an accurate fuel gauge again. Best of luck.