1991 Mazda Miata - Washer Nozzles

Best way to fix the windshield washer spray Hole that doesn’t work

Replace it.


clean it out with a straight pin or sewing needle.


If you can get a drop of vinegar to sit in the nozzle for a bit, that might help.

The pin mentioned above could work too, but make sure not to push it in so far that it puts a hole in the supply line. If a straightened paper clip fits, that would be a bit safer on that account.

Are you sure the nozzle is clogged and that the supply line hasn’t become detached?


Sometimes the dye in the washer fluid dries and clogs the nozzle.

When that happens, I drop the nozzles in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes to clear them.


I had both nozzles disintegrate on my 2011 MKZ. Never had that happen to me before…

If you’re going through the trouble of taking the nozzles out why not just put new ones in?



Right. You can replace a nozzle in less than 10 seconds. Why mess around with boiling them?

I like the challenge?


I priced new nozzles for my Corolla. $35 each at the dealership!! I found some aftermarket versions too, $15-$20 for a pair. Still sort of expensive. As far as clearing the nozzle, I use a short piece of 30 AWG insulated solid copper wire to clear the hole. A pin or needle? Those seem like they would be too big in diameter compared to the hole size, and might adversely affect the spray pattern. The soaking, boiling methods seems like they would work too. The only downside is that the plastic body of the nozzle becomes brittle with age and attempting to remove the hose from the nozzle could break the nozzle.

Great for a DIY repair but with shop rates at $120/hour I doubt any would want to pay me to boil water when it would be cheaper to just replace them.

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Heh heh, I had to replace my plastic ones and they were $30 each at the GM dealer. Small price to pay I guess to be able to see. The paintless dent guys evidently had a problem getting them off without breaking the hose barbs. But if you can get them cheaper-great.