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Problem Turning Over Focus 2005

Over the past two weeks my car has taken longer and longer to turn over. We had a short spell of ridiculously cold weather but this week has been in the mid 50’s. Once running the car seems to be normal. It’s just the turning over that seems to add a few split seconds every day and has become quite noticeable in the last two weeks that there is some sort of problem at startup.

Which Engine ? Which Transmission ? Does It Every Time ? “Check Engine” Light ?
A Ford TSB Indicates That Some 05 Foci With The 2.0L & Automatic Trans Require A PCM Reprogramming For Intermittent Hard Sart/Long Crank.

Another Ford TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) indicates that some 05 Foci with either the 2.0L or 2.3L and the MTX-75 manual transmission have hard start /long crank times with no “Check Engine” light or stored diagnostic codes. They need PCM reprogramming, too.

Do you know if it’s ever been reprogrammed (even under warranty) ?

It could be something else causing this, but if I owned it I’d make an appointment, take it to my friendly Ford dealer, have them check their TSBs, check out the car, and get it handled.


No idea if it has ever been re programmed… The car was purchased used at about a year old. I think that sounds like a great place to start. Thank you for the advice.

Waffle Talk, You’re Welcome. Good Luck.