Trouble Starting

If I drive long enough to get my truck warm up, cut it off, and come back in about 30 minutes, it will turn over, but never start. I will have to sit there and wait from 20 to 45 minutes before it will finally turn over (a little roughly) and then start. If I turn the truck off and then restart it immediately, it will start right up. During the time it will not crank, it will turn over, I can hear the fuel pump(s) prime (it has two tanks and two separate fuel pumps, but changing them doesn’t make a difference), the lights and indications work as normal. The truck has a new fuel filter, the plugs and plug wires are about 6 months old, the ignition coil is about 1 year old, and both fuel pumps were replace about 4 years ago. It runs and drives great, but just has this one problem that is incredibly annoying. Any idea what the problem might be? It has a 4.9L inline six cylinder, a five speed automatic transmission, 247000 miles on it, and is a 4x2.

Thanks for your help.

Next time hold the pedal to the floor as you turn the key, letting up if it fires. This is a flood clear & if it helps get the truck going then you likely have a leaky fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector that is dumping raw fuel into the intake after you shut it down. If this helps you can just pull the hose from the pressure regulator and if you find raw fuel then you need a new regulator. (This should have engine vacuum in it only).

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.