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2005 Ford Focus ZX4

I bought this car used from the dealer late 2005. It only had ~30,000 mi, since then i’ve only put another 20,000 on it. When it’s cold outside it has a very hard time starting. I’ll hold the key in the crank position for at least 5-7 seconds and one time after work it took about 4 times before it would start. Now that it’s warmed up, it starts up with absolutely no problems.

TIA :slight_smile:

Car manufacturers sometimes update programs for a vehicle’s onboard computer, such as the logic used in the starting procedure. When I first got my car, it seemed that cold cranking took longer than it should. The dealership reflashed the computer with the manufacturer’s updated starting program, and the problem was solved.

Check with a Ford service department to see if it is possible to have the car’s computer reflashed with an updated starting program. If the car is out of warranty, as I suspect, you will have to pay for this service.

thanks for the reply. I called Ford TSB, no updates for my car :frowning:

Look in the owner’s manual; if an engine heater is recommended, get one. Garages that sell them will have a manual that tells them what kind is recommended and where to put it. Plug it in a half hour before starting and a Ford will usually run.

Try holding down the accel pedal just a little. If that fires it right up, the idle air control valve is probably going bad. Try turning the key on for a few seconds, then off and repeat. If it fires right up after that, your fuel pump might be faulty.