Problem in driving



It says its in drive but wont go


will it go in reverse?


Or any other gear selection?
What year is your Cruze?


What exactly happens when you try to accelerate? Does the engine rev normally? If so, the first thing to do is to check the level of your transmission fluid.


Yes it will, and neutral


It just revs up


I put new transmission fluid in it


Its a 2011


You are not the only one having this issue if you read the following


Not that there aren’t other causes, but some years ago I drove my 50 mile commute and parked in the ramp in the morning. At night I backed out of the stall, put it in drive, and nothing. I only had reverse. I needed an overhaul but that’s how fast it can happen with no previous symptoms.

At any rate, it has to go either to a dealer or a trans shop for an eval.


Oh thats weird with no symptoms


Wow. Mine has 53,000 miles, any recalls?


What can i do?


You car might qualify for the “lemon law” read all about it.


Hmm idk on that


Lemon law for a 2011? I doubt that…


I bet not, wouldnt be that lucky


There’s a customer interest bulletin for no forward gears or slips in forward gears, but reverse works.
16-na-92. And a recall for trans fluid overfill at the factory. 11008a.


I had to take it to gm, transmission out


Thanks for getting back to us. What are you doing about it? Rebuild or replace? If it’s a replacement, is the transmission new, used, or remanufactured?