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2012 Chevrolet Cruze - Erratic behavior

My car has auto transmission & manual transmission 48,00 miles. the car wants to die out, started making noises, a few sudden jerks when shifting gears. Now it won’t drive in reverse, Auto Shifter moves in all auto positions but will not accept 3rd gear in manual. Mechanic believes it’s the transmission. I looked for recalls for my car but none related to this. What’s my next step? Thank you
, a few jerks

Your next step is to repair or rebuild this automatic transmission.

BTW it is not a manual transmission. It is an automatic with a manual function. A real manual has a 3rd pedal on the floor.

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Your next step is to have someone look at it that will offer more than they think it is the transmission. Also from now on just put the thing in drive and leave it alone. After you fix this have the mechanic explain why there is a shift ability and when it needs to be used.

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