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Transmission Problem

Just bought a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT for my son. Drove fine during the test drive. Even stomped on the gas several times to see if the transmission would do anything strange, to no avail. But after buying the car and driving it home about 60 miles, when I got off the Interstate, the car would not go into gear in the forward direction. Reverse worked fine. After noticing it was low on transmission fluid I added enough to bring to full. After 30 minutes was able to get it to move forward in first gear, and then drive by coasting down hill into drive for the mile home. No more luck after that, same symptoms. Any ideas. Seems odd it was fine at highway speed and then died, no funny noises and behavior before that.

Who did you buy it from?? You might be able to bring it back, if it’s for a dealership. If not, call a legal aid (I know they are expensive–but they have free clinics) to see if you qualify for the lemon law…


Lemon Law coverage on a 12 year old used car???
I don’t think so.