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2012 Chevrolet Cruze - Transmission issues

2012 Cruze won’t go into reverse and lurches forward when in Drive

It’s possible your transmission fluid is low but I suspect the problem is more serious than that. Take it or have it towed to a good independent transmission shop.

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My 2012 Cruze transmission is “history”. Had it towed twice today to 2 different

tranny shops. Both diagnosis were the same. I need a replacement.

This is all very disturbing since I bought the Cruze new from the dealer and it only had 30k miles on it. The dealer won’t even return my calls and I talked

to the GM corporate office today and they would not help me out at all.

$4200 to replace.

Sorry to hear it. Unfortunately your powertrain warranty was 60 mo./100k, whichever came first, and your car is three years past the end of the warranty at eight years old so GM really doesn’t have any obligation at this point. You might want to look into having a used transmission installed for less money and then trading in your Cruze.

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Thanks - that’s the plan. When I purchased it, it was at a very low price so I got 8 good years out of it. I think I was driving on borrowed time since this model and the 2011 have a history of bad trannies. I don’t drive much anyway so I think the Cruze will have to suffice after it’s repaired.

Okay but bear in mind that a used transmission will have an unknown history and might fail sooner rather than later. You’ll probably be looking at something with maybe a 6 month warranty and anything after that would be a crapshoot.

The transmission repair shop has offered me a 100,000 mile warranty on the replacement so I’m very pleased with that since they did not put a time limit on it, only the mileage. The other shop offered a 3 yr/100,000 warranty which I wasn’t comfortable with.

I presume that’s a rebuilt transmission vs. a used one. Best of luck.

I’m not real “mechanical” savy but as I understand it, they will remove my transmission and replace it with a GM re-manufactured rebuild???

Pretty much what I suspected. Best of luck.

The 2012 and later trannies are better or much better than average reliability, says Consumer Reports (April 2020.) Maybe one of those will fit, and be available from a wrecking yard. Good luck and please keep us informed.

I rented a Cruze a couple years ago and thought it was a good solid quiet car, but my 1999 Honda keeps on pleasing and I am not in the market.

Is that good or bad?? Price is $4300

$4300 seem a little high considering the car value is around $5000-$6000 depending on milage.Its your call!

One other estimate from AAMCO was $5300 and warranty only 3/yr/50,000k miles. Dealership closer to $6k

Stay away from AAMCO.

also, I am pretty sure that all of these warranties will have a mileage AND time limit- which ever comes first. Just because the one company didn’t tell you that outright doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.
Make double sure you understand that of each.

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Thank you - I am NOT using AAMCO for sure. My other choice is a family owned local tranny shop who gave me a 100,000k mile warranty with no time limit!! He said he would agree to that since I don’t put alot of miles on my vehicle. Only has 30k and it’s 8 years old. Purchased new by the way. That’s why the tranny failure is so hard to believe!!!

if you go this route, make sure you get that warranty in writing. Lower mileage use in cars is quite often harder on transmissions and other drive train components- as they only get city driving and lots of start and stop movements.

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AGREED - GREAT ADVICE - Will make sure it’s in writing - aren’t all waranties??

In my neck of the woods a 2012 Cruze retails for $5500-12000. Still, that’s why I suggested having a used transmission installed and replacing the car.