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Problem filling gas tank

we have a 1997 ford contour that we can fill the gas tank in cold weather, but if it’s warm, the fuel pump shuts off and it takes forever to pump a few gallons. This happens at any gas station.

Has someone been in the habit of topping off the tank after the first time it clicks off? If so (and maybe in not so) your vapor recovery system may be damaged and you may need a new charcoal filter.

You might want to try another pump or a different location/brand.

On the 1997 model vehicles, I’m less inclined to think that a saturated charcoal canister is the problem. This time, it may be the anti-spill valve at the bottom of the fill tube. It could also be a vent tube is loose, or kinked. Has that area of the body ever been struck by something (a “fender bender”)? If it has, the impact may have damaged the fill tube.