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Problem with pumping gas

I have a '98 Toyota Corolla. When I try to put gas into it, the pump shuts off after about $2.00 even when the tank is empty. It keep doing this until the tank is full. I figured it was a venting issue, so I had a friend (who is a mechanic)blow out the vent with an air compressor. Didn’t help. Any suggestions?

Is this car new to you?
Have you tried putting the pump spout in from a different angle?

I know this sounds overly simplistic, but there are cars out there that are simply sensitive to the way the spout is put in due to the bends in the fill tube. Yours may be one. Try rotating the spout and filling it and post back with the results.

Are you in the habit of topping off the tank?

"Are you in the habit of topping off the tank? " If so, you may have damaged the charcoal cannister. If that’s the case, you need it replaced and in the future, stop pumping when the pump clicks off.

It’s NOT the charcoal canister…But over-filling can play a part. Todays vehicles are equipped with an anti-spill check valve, a simple cork or plastic ball in a cage down in the filler neck that prevents fuel from pouring out of the tank if the car is upside down… The ball can swell and get stuck in the closed position (which happens if you over-fill the tank and cause to ball to float and swell)

Sometimes the stuck ball can be dislodged with a flexible rod of some sort that is inserted down the filler neck. A fiberglass bicycle flag holder works great…Stiff tubing sometimes works. This same check-ball also prevents siphoning gasoline out of the tank unless you use a very small hose…