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Prius headlight leveler

Last year my 2004 Prius headlights focused downward so I could not see the road. Toyata mechanic said the sensor in the rear had got wet and rusted. Replaced it at the cost of $500. It did not fix the problem. Took it back…they said; “it was fixed”!

That is very nice to know. Do you have an actual question?

Is it fixed? Can you demonstrate the problem for the dealer?

BTW this is one of the reasons we generally don’t recommend going to the dealer for any service not covered under warranty.

Only at night when the dealer isn’t open. The question was: Does anyone else have this problem?
How is it solved? OK I’ll go to a recommended mechanic.

I’m assuming the headlights are the HIDs?
They should be able to tell just by shining the light on the wall and adjusting from there

They did…they said they’re fine…they’re not…I’ll take them somewhere else!

Some owners manuals have a surprising amount of information. The owners manual for my wifes 02 Sonata even includes detailed instructions for checking & aiming the headlights.

See if your OM includes this info.

As usual, a lot of people who have never looked at how your headlights work are giving less than useful replies.
Here’s a “how to” that may help you fix them.

Thank you
This was helpful.