Toyota Prius 2005 auto leveling headlight malfunction light on

The dealership states that this is not a big problem and that the headlights will not be affected but the malfunction light stays on and the exclamation point is on the dashboard. The fix: $717 to replace the rear sensor harness where corrosion on the connection and pin was found - new harness assembly needed. Any suggestions about just replacing the pin? Dealer states you cannot cut the wire and replace becaue the wires are not sealed.

I’m Not Sure What Is Meant By “the connection and pin,” But On Many Manufacturers’ Vehicles The Pins In Connectors Can Be Replaced.

I’d go from the dealer to an “Auto Electric Shop” that specializes in car starter / charging and lighting systems in cars. See if there’s a good one in your locale.


We Own All GM And Chrysler Vehicles And I Have Factory Service Manuals For All 7 Of Them. These Manuals Detail Connector And Connector Pin Replacement And Wiring Repairs. I Can’t Speak For Toyota.