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2004 Toyota Prius Headlight Problem

Is there any true fix for the 2004 Prius Headlight Problem? I had both bulbs replaced in January of 2010 and they started going out again in July 2010.

Are these the HID lights? Many problems with these. Ask for help from Toyota field rep.

Yes, they are HID bulbs. I called Toyota back in January and they didn’t seem to have any information except to replace the bulbs. From what I have read on many different sites just replacing the bulbs with Toyota bulbs doesn’t seem to fix it. One site recommends using other bulbs, OE Philips D4R XenEco brand, the exact same as Toyota sells. Current price is $94 at a garage across the country. Also, the headlight leveling system goes on in the hot weather. According to Luscious Garage, the headlight control computer does not need replacement either. Any other links or ideas would be helpful. Thanks for all replies.