Prius Headlights

No question–just some information. A couple of months back I had asked about Prius headlights. Toyota (not the dealer we bought from) wanted to charge $140 to replace one lamp on my wife’s Prius. I said, “forget about it.” Then we were stopped and given a warning ticket for a burned out headlight. We took it to the dealer we bought it from and they gave us a loaner and then ended up replacing the “computer/box” that controls the headlights annd two new lamps. Seems the lights were overheating, going out, then coming back on. Lesson learned, all Toyota dealers are not the same.

There Have Been Several (Many?) Prius Headlight Horror Stories Posted Here.

It usually involves one side at a time. Toyota dealers have access to their own TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) that tell them how to diagnosis this problem. It usually is a bad bulb, HID ECU (computer box), or wiring/connecter.

Technicians are advised to swap bulbs, right to left. Simple, eh? A bulb that works on one side, but not the other, is generally a good bulb. Checking the wiring and ECU on the “dead” side comes next. Simple, eh?

What I don’t understand is why Toyota hasn’t had a campaign to replace some of these faulty parts before people get tickets or possibly have accidents. This seems like a safety issue. Shouldn’t that lead to a government reqired recall?


P.S. Search this sight and you’ll see some stories. Oh, and if they charged you to fix it, keep your R.O. (receipt). (Did They charge you or was it warranty?) You never know, one day they may owe you a refund.

Prius Headlights by Joe Nine
One more comment re. our 2007 Prius headlights. A regional service rep. came to the dealer and said that he didn’t know exactly what the problem was but, to replace the computer and lights. There was no charge even though the factory warranty mileage had been exceeded. This should be a recall–someones lights are going to go out on a dark and secluded roadway and cause an accident.
Posted by: Joe Nine