Prius HID self-leveling headlights

I have a 2004 Prius with self-leveling headlights. I have no problems seeing at night but i have a red triangle on the dash and the headlight symbol on the monitor. I was able to aim the lights level when the self-leveling sensor broke. but is there a way to disable the sensor so i don’t have any of those symbols on the dash or monitor it just is pain to look at the the sensor cost to much and it doesn’t have any affect on driving during the day or night.


For such a specific question you’ll get more answers on a Prius forum, like priuschat.

You could try stopping by the dealer’s parts department and asking for an “exploded view” drawing of where the level sensor is and try unplugging it. It might work, might not. The computer might see this as a failed sensor and trip the light. But it’s worth a try, and should be harmless whether it works or not.