Pricing of 2010 Ford Edge Replacing left Front Inner Tie Rod End


I recently was told all my breaks needed replaced at a cost of $1,462 which included warrenty parts and charged for rotors and calipers. I went in because the brakes felt soft.

After agreeing to that price and having the work done I was called by service stating that I now needed to replace the left front inner tie rod end at a cost of $842 ($99 for alignment) after they had done the break work and put everything back together.

My feeling is that this is a bit high of a price to pay.

Would love your feedback and advice.

$1462 sounds like a pretty high price for brakes and the fact that they want to sell you new calipers is a little fishy to me. One caliper may be bad…but all four.

What are the warranty parts that they said you needed???

An inner tie rod may cost you over a hundred at a dealer, but not much, and the price for the alignment seems fair.

I’d get a second opinion from an independent machanic…not a chain shop like Pep Boys or Sears. Ask around for recommendations from family, friends and co-workers and who evers shop is bragged about the most…make an appointment.

I think you will save about 50%.


The estimate does sounds quite excessive.

Offhand, it sounds a bit high but sometimes details can swing an opinion the other way.

The price on the inner tie rod does sound like a bit much to me though. I’m struggling to see how they come up with almost 850 on one tie rod. Ouch.

What kind of facility is this?

An auto parts store could tell you a price. So many phones are available for this purpose. They do more that text.

For $842 you could probably get a complete remanned rack installed, including parts, labor, alignment and tax

But not at that shop, apparently