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Inner tie rod end repair cost...too much?

I have a 2005 Ford Explorer EB that needs the inner tie rod ends replaced. I was quoted $352, including alignment. Is that too much to pay?

Not in my opinion. Go for it.

Parts are $56 each Ford OE - $40 each Auto Zone.
Plus labor,
plus alignment.

Sounds good to me too.

Not a fun job, especially if the underside of the car is full of junk from winter roads. Seems reasonable especially with the alignment included in the quote.

Not unreasonable; make sure the shop is reputable and knows what it’s doing.

It sounds reasonable but I would suggest that if the outer tie rod ENDS are not loose that they be inspected for firm, smooth movement when disconnected to do the tie rods.
Often the outers develop odd wear spots that can only be found once disassembled. If these are needed there should be no extra labor involved to replace them at that time.

@ok4450 is right about the outer tie rods. I think the price you quoted is too low, but then I wouldn’t replace the inners without doing the outers, wear or not. I’m not going to take an 8 year old outer tie rod off of your old inner rod and put it on the new one. Replace all 4, there’s no additional labor charge.