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Tacoma Brake Job

Just had front brake job done at Toyota dealership. While doing them they found one brake caliper frozen and had to replace. Should they have done both? Also they charged me $460 for the one caliper. Isn’t that steep?

You don’t need to replace both. Just replace the one that’s broke.

YES it is steep…Dealer prices are VERY VERY steep. I had to replace a caliper on my 4runner…Bought a QUALITY rebuilt unit for $110.

No need to replace the caliper that’s OK.

Dealer parts prices are always high. That’s one of the reasons many of us prefer independent mechanics.

When I am doing my own work I replace them in pairs because the parts are cheap (typically $50 per reman caliper). If I am paying a garage I only replace the one that is frozen.

$50 is very cheap…Some more expensive calipers which have 4 pistons get to be a bit pricier.