Just Brakes - ripoff?

I went in because I’ve been hearing this grinding noise at low speeds that gets louder when I apply the brakes.

Here’s what they quoted me:

CEN 300.04650 - Disc Pads Front - parts $54 labor $46 - total $100, includes rear brake shoes and machining front rotors (CEN 111.06270, LAB ROTORS)

Rear drums salt damage :

CEN 123.40011 Drums RR and LR parts $110 labor 0 total $110

front calipers CEN 143.91013 parts $34 labour $75 total $110

front hoses CEN 150.40040 parts $80 labour $69, total $150

front disc hardware CEN 117.40029 $42 total (only parts)

return springs rear CEN 118.40004 $42 total (only parts)

bleed, fill and adjust brake system $10 parts $30 labor $40 total.

Total $623 with tax!

What model/year car? How many miles? How much in salt? I’m surprised about the front calipers/hoses, that is unusual, but can’t tell without seeing it.

This is a 97 Accord LX 2.2 Liter, no ABS, Automatic, 116k miles. I got it at 103 miles and it was in IOWA before that for about 7 yrs I believe. It’s been in Dallas, TX for 1.5 years now.

I’ve not dealt with Just Brakes, friend had good experience with them, but who knows? For this I’d use the cartalk mechanic finder (or a reference from someone), find one near you people trust, get a second opinion.

For a brake job on two axles that is a reasonable cost. For comparison when I had a Brembo big brake kit fitted to my car. It cost over $2000. Brakes are not something you skimp on.

Yes, that’s not a high price for what’s included. Just might be worth double checking that it’s all needed.

I’ve never heard of both front and rear needing more beyond pads/shoes at one time.

Try to figure out if the noise is coming from the front or the rear.

The calipers and hoses are quite strange.

Get a second and third opinion !

Most places are free for a check.

I agree that the price quoted for this work is not out of line. I just wonder–if this place is noted for cheap prices–are they using inferior Chinese-made pads?

If you need all of this done then the price isn’t bad. The $100 to replace front and rear brakes including machining the rotors seems really cheap. I wonder though if you really need new drums, what kind of damage did they say was caused by salt? Is it so bad that you just can’t keep the drums and have them machined too? Did they say why you need to replace the front calipers and hoses? Seems odd that the brakes hoses are more expensive than the calipers, granted I’ve never priced them as I’ve never had to replace them either. I’m not familiar with Honda Accord disc brakes, but what hardware do they need to replace? Most cars that I’ve done front brakes on just have a couple of bolts/pins for the calipers and a couple of anti-rattle clips for the brake pads. I also usually replace the springs on drum brakes as well so probably good to have that done. I agree with texases though, take it to an independent shop and see what they say. Personally I try to avoid the big chains and find an independent shop that I like/trust

Sounds like a reasonable cost. If you doubt have another place price the work out based on symptoms. ANY shop can do brakes.

If we did everything we should do, it costs like that. Sounds like parts for your car are cheap. Second opinions don’t cost much and are sometimes free. At those prices, it’s tempting just to have them do it. I think it is necessary.

Thanks for the inputs guys. They called to say the calipers couldn’t be rebuilt and they put new ones on to get the total to $734. Then, in the morning they call and say the master cylinder is bad because of an internal valve failure and that’ll be another $190. They said that touching the car to bleed the brake system to work on it can make the master cyclinder worse if it was already bad - but they didn’t tell me that in the beginning. Total - $935!

I’ve had a bad experience with Just Brakes. Came in to get new pads and drums/rotors turned on my '99 Honda Accord. They tried to sell me a lot of parts that I didn’t need. A few months later, I had a lot of chatter in my brakes. I took it back to Just Brakes and they said that since I didn’t get all their “recommended” parts, that the warrenty was void. I asked around and found out that Just Brakes uses a very hard pad. That made the rotors run hotter and started to warp them. I took it to the dealer and he was able to turn the rotors. He replaced the pads again (this time with the right pads) and I haven’t had a problem since. I will not go back to Just Brakes.

The veterans of this board always recommend that you AVOID chain auto repair operations, so your experience at Just Brakes is not really surprising.

While it is possible to get decent repairs from a chain operation, the probability is that unnecessary repairs will be done, and/or the customer will be overcharged and/or the parts/workmanship will be substandard.

Expecting competent auto repair work at a chain repair operation is sort of like going to a chain restaurant like The Olive Garden for dinner and expecting to be served gourmet food. (Hint: It ain’t going to happen.)

I had the same experience at JUST BRAKES, 690 Semoran Blvd Casselberry-Altamonte Dr, FL and I’m putting the whole address of the place so people are aware of the place. I went for a brake pad change of a Chevy cargo van. After the guy(“mechanic”) park the van in the service area I left the waiting area just to ask him (I don’t remember his name, but he had a white shirt, probably the manager or assistant manager) how long it will take the service. He and another employee already had the hood open, and acting really suspicious. He told me that I had a leaking line and master cylinder also leaking, and insisted to show it to me, and to feel the pedal that was going all the way down. I told him that the pedal was perfectly fine, that I only went to the place for the brake noise. Anyways, I told both guys not to touch the van that I will go to another place. I know that brake line was cut by one of the guys. Talking about Rip off!!! Be careful people with this company, specially this JUST BRAKES’ location.

Just Brakes employees are TRAINED to RIP YOUR OFF. Their bonuses depend on how much they sell. That should be all you need to know. The $99 advertised price is a sucker deal to get you in the store. The majority of the time they will try to upsell you and pressure you into repairing more than what you actually need.

Extremely dishonest. Google “just brakes” scam and you will see thousands of reports of this. One of the undercover hidden camera news shows did an expose on them as well.

Budget Brakes is equally bad.