Tie rod



Hi experts,

I have 2000 toyota sienna.When i came for a tire rotation they told me that the inner side of the front tire was worn too much.

They told me that the Tie road is loose.and need to replace it.

The price they quoted is $258(including an alignment).(a)I am not sure it is too much.I live in detroit,Michigan.

(b)Can it be possable to remove the ‘Play’

without replacing it.(any adjustment possable)?

The guy told me that the spring assembly also looks weak and I may need to change that too with an amout of about $950.( for both front and back)



If the tie rod end is loose/worn, it needs to be replaced before an alignment can be done. It is essentially a bolt in a socket and once worn can’t be tightened up. Just like a shoulder or hip joint-can’t be fixed, has to be replaced.

I don’t know what is meant by “Spring assembly” but they may be talking about the struts. That would be another matter and should be replaced if leaking, bounces too much, poor handling, etc. Springs connected to the struts are normally life time parts and only usually get replaced if they are broken.


Thanks for the reply!
I am going to replace the tie rod.Do you think the price is reasonable?($258 for the replacement).


I would be curious where you took your Sienna for these estimates. I suspect it was a “chain” shop like Midas or Meineke where the “techs” get a commission for whatever extras they can sell to the unsuspecting. If it was the Toyota dealership, I’d still suggest you get a second opinion from an independent shop. Check out The Mechanics Files on this very website: http://www.cartalk.com/content/mechx/ for a reputable shop near you. Don’t suggest to them what might be wrong or they may have to agree with it.

Tie rod ends do go bad, so you may well need the repair, but $258 is probably double the going rate around here. The alignment shop that I use recently quoted $125 for one on a Lumina, but they allowed me to take the car, replace the $30 part myself, and bring it back for them to align so I got off for under $80. (I have a long standing business relationship with them, and have sent them lots of alignment business over the last 30 years.) Prices certainly vary in major metropolitan areas. As for all four “spring assemblies” needing to be replaced, I SERIOUSLY doubt it. Struts, MAYBE.


Thanks for the reply!It is not a chain store, but a local store.So you think the price is too much.I will have to go for a second opinion.