Replacing O2 and fuel sensors

My 2000 Chevy S-10 failed the smog check due to the downstream O2 sensor and the fuel sensor. Mechanic wants $450 to do the job. Sounds steep to me, but is it a fair price?

It depends on what you mean by “fuel sensor”. If you mean the fuel level sensor in the gas tank, that’s a lot of work to change on some vehicles.

Even an O2 sensor can be tough. They rust themselves to the mounting hole.

Get a second opinion from another mechanic for the O2 sensor. Don’t mention fuel sensor, that may not be what you need to pass. Let him figure out what you need.

if this was an estimate from the place that failed it, go elsewhere for another estimate.

i don’t trust inspections shops to do the work.

i have even gone elsewhere for another inspection to confirm the diagnosis.

i have replaced several o2 sensors. they can be a #@$%^& to get out. but, two hours labor sounds about normal. some sensors cost around 100 or so. some more, some less. so figure 300 or so for the o2 sensor alone.

and the fuel sensor sounds funny.

is your check engine light on?

did you have the codes read to you? what were the codes. (not what the inspection guy said)

post the actual codes back here.

See if you can break that $450.00 down. How much parts how much labor

If the engine is running rough, one of the best things you can do is to change the spark plugs. Is the air filter recent? If not, change it.
Then, let an auto parts store check it for codes, and, then, erase those codes. Drive the car for a day, or two, and have the codes scanned again, if the check engine light comes back on. Bring any codes here for advice.