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Spark plugs

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with about 130,000. miles. The dealership is telling me that I should replace the spark plugs. The cost will be over $600.00. Does this sound about right?

No way. estimate is $175 to $230 for new spark plugs. Are you sure the dealership estimate was only for new plugs? If so, someone has a boat payment to make…

At that mileage the plugs definitely need replacing. The dealer price seems very high, unless they replace the wires and a number of other things as well.

I would get a second estimate from an independent shop.

It’s an 8 year old 'Yota. Spark plugs are a common maintenance item any shop can handle. I’d get a second opinion from an independent shop, but insist on Denso plugs. They are the OEM supplier, and work best in your truck.

Denso or NGK are both OEM suppliers to Toyota. Either is fine.

$600 is outrageous. It may have to be put on a lift to get to the back plugs, but it shouldn’t cost anywhere near $600 - even if they use iridium plugs.

Is it possible that the dealer is recommending the 120,000 mile service–including spark plug maintenance AND some other items?

We don’t have your owner’s manual handy. Please tell us when it says the plugs should be replaced.

I found this - here. It doesn’t look like it would cost $600.00. Note: Unless I missed it, it’s the first mention of changing spark plugs…

2006 Highlander Hybrid 120,000 Miles - 144 Months

Replace engine oil and oil filter

Rotate tires

Replace cabin air filter

Replace engine air filter

Replace spark plugs

Re-torque drive shaft bolt (4WD)

Inspect the following:

__ Automatic transmission fluid
__ Ball joints and dust covers
__ Brake lines and hoses
__ Brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs

__ Differential oil
__ Drive belts
__ Drive shaft boots
__ Engine and inverter coolant

__ Engine valve clearance

__ Exhaust pipes and mountings
__ Fuel lines and connections, fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses
__ Fuel tank cap gasket
__ Radiator, condenser and intercooler
__ Steering gear box
__ Steering linkage and boots

A dealership shop could easily parlay that list into a $600 work-order…

I find it odd that people quickly recommend running from the dealerships. I used to be a technician at a dealership and now I’m at an independent shop. The labor rates are both $105/hr and both use the same software to calculate labor times. Both recommend manufacture maintenance items. Which one do you think is more experienced on the job? Which one do you think has better resources? Which do you think will have the parts in stock and get the job done quicker? Just go where you like the service, but don’t think for a second that an independent shop will be more trustworthy or knowledgeable. It all depends on the individuals you are working with, just like everything else on the planet. Stop the blanket statements and categorical thinking.

I think most car owners would be more than happy to always use their local dealership shop for all their repairs and maintenance if their experience was consistent w/what you are saying @Tutti57 .

I’m with Tutti57, why? Because my dealer is honest and does not try to sell unneeded services, all at very competitive prices. But, as we see on this forum many dealers do engage in that behavior, but some independent shops do too.

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Every dealer I know of around here engage in that behavior. The national chains like Pep-Boys and Firestone also engage in that behavior. Very few independents that I know of does.