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I just read this article about increasing fuel mileage by a signifant amount installing a Pre-ignition Catylatic Converter and something called a Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell. The company makes some very bold claims but I was curious if anyone else has heard about this and if anyone has ever installed it into their vehicle.

Both are blatant swindles. 'Nuff said.

Ditto, and that bearded oaf Billy Mays also makes some bold claims about Mighty Putty. You should have seen him on a morning news? show a few weeks ago when he stuffed a wad of that junk into the hole in a drinking glass. He poured some water into the glass, the putty went flying off, and water ran everywhere; followed by a panicked deer in the headlights look as he frantically jammed another wad in there and moved on to something else.