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Power Window Gets Too Cold?

My husband has a Chevy S-10, about a 1990. For the past 1 1/2 to 2 years, when it starts getting cold, the driver’s side power window stops working. When it starts warming up again, it will work again. Does anyone have any ideas why or what we can do about it? ThankQ

Usually this problem is attributed to a bad switch. When it gets cold things contract. If the switch is worn this contraction can prevent the circuit from being completed. So the window motor sees no voltage. When it warms up, things expand. And this can be enough for a worn switch to function again.


…and the switch is probably not that hard to pull out and check. It likely involves removing the door panel, but that is usually not hard. I would pull a switch that doesn’t have any problems and swap it w/ the driver’s side switch. Then you’ll know. But if that’s not it - at least you now have the door panel off. Check and clean all the motor connectors and see if that does any good. As long as you’re in there lubricate the entire window mechanism.