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Power windows

How to diagnos a power window issue is it the relay the regulator or the motor? How long should it take for a novice to fix this?

Maybe we should start with more information. What year nissan is it and what exactly is the problem

I have a 2000 Sentra SE. with 165K mi, I would like to strech-out this car until late 2011. The drivers side window will only go down. I have been able to get to go up until recently if I let the car sit for a little bit. One other odd thing that I noticed and dont know why is what looks like scratch marks running virtically on the window. (Since I noticed the scratches they have not appread to get worse or more. Also the led light to light up the switches does not light up when I turn on my car. All other windows go up fine, with no scratches.
I really was wondering how to check for differnt things.

If the light inside the switch really is a LED and none of them turn on I would suggest you make sure power is getting to the switches as first step. Get a test light probe to verify power with if you don’t have one already.

From your description it sounds like you need to clean and lubricate the mechanism that is involved in the window going up. The tracks should be cleaned and lubed, and the trim panel inside the door might be pushing hard on the glass. If you know how, take off the trim panel and then reconnect the wiring and see if the window moves better. Use that opportunity to oil everything you can see than is moving or trying to move.