02 Sentra power windows and locks not working

I have an 02 Nissan Sentra with power windows and locks one day they just stopped working I checked the fuses in the dash but cannot seem to find a relay under the hood when you push the controllers you can hear a click like it’s not connecting, I also went and bought a new driver side control panel and that did not fix the problem any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Very possibly a broken wire in the bundle at the door hinge area.

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If there’s a broken wire in the body to door harness, sometimes opening the door, turning the ignition switch on, and then holding the window/door lock switches in an operate position while slowly swinging the door open and closed will reveal that short, if either one suddenly starts working.


Check the fuses in the panel under the hood. There may be a blown fuse there. The window circuit usually uses a circuit breaker that can reset when there is a problem with the wiring and too much current flows.