Power windows

2001 Frontier Sc the passenger side button for the power window doesn’t work but i works when you use the driver side button for the passenger side window. Can someone tell me whats wrong?

There may be a broken wire where the bundle of wires goes through the door to the door frame.
Over time, these wires become brittle and may break inside the insulation due to constant door opening and closing.
You’ll need a continuity tester to track down the break.

Aside from that there may be corrosion in the armrest window switch or a corroded harness connection at the window motor.

The easiest way to check the switch is to simply pry the switch out of the armrest and test it.

Sometimes, spraying the connections and switches with an electrical contact cleaner does the job.

Sounds like the passenger side switch or a connection to it.

Does this truck have a “lockout” for the power window switch on the passenger door? Nowadays, every car has a switch on the driver’s door allowing him/her to disable the window switches on the other doors, in order to prevent children from getting into trouble with the windows.

Do trucks have this feature also? I don’t know the answer to that question, but the Owner’s Manual surely would have the information.

Time to read the Owner’s Manual!