'00 Integra power window not working

My passenger window isn’t receiving power. I know the motor is working just fine and none of the fuses have popped and I’ve even replaced both switches and nothing. Help?

You’d have to start checking single wire continuity through the hinge area ( door to firewall ). a common place for a break in a single wire.

I would suggest that you check the wiring at the point where it passes from the front fender to the door. That flex point is the location of many a wire separation, and after 14 years of opening & closing the door, it is certainly conceivable that a wire has broken at that point.

Checking for a broken wire will probably require that you slice open a rubber boot surrounding a bunch of wires. Just be sure to do it VERY carefully, lest you wind up with more problems.

okay, I’ll start looking through the harness today. Thank you

Just curious but if there is no power to the motor how do you know that the motor works. Did you connect it directly to 12v. And remember the break in wires could be in either door jamb.