Power window dead

98 Accord LX sedan

Driver’s side window started making some nasty noises about two months ago. I used the window less as a result- then, magically, it went away. I thought I dodged a bullet. Then, all of the sudden- nothing. My guess is that it came off the track??? Is there anything I can do myself? If not, what am I looking at (approximately) to fix it? The switch has power because I can here a little switch sound when I press it but the window doesn’t move at all.

I had a 1997 civic ex with power windows, and while under warranty it knocked itself out of the track. I went to the dealer the first time, and they said that if they service the car, that they lube the tracks. Ya right?! Well the next time, I fixed it myself, and it was really not that bad. Be careful popping the insode door panel with a putty knife, and peel back the plastic carefully, and you will see that you probably have a loose nut in there that holds the track up front.

If it is the motor, then you can figure that out at the same time and replace it…good luck.

Thanks, man. Yeah, I’m gonna go for it.

when you press the switch, try it with the key OFF. see if the sound is just the switch clicking. I think you are misinterpreting the “click” in its importance. the real significance is, if the motor turns when you push the switch.

it sounds to me, from your description that the window regulator has given up. BUT, the motor may have gone to the otherworld also. (usually when you have been grinding and mashing these for a couple months the motors die too.) what may have been repaired by a simple greasing/silicone of the track, may have killed the motor due to neglect.

If you have to change the motor, get the complete window regulator assembly with a new motor, it is no harder to replace, and then you will have NO more problems with it.
costs around 120, to 175 for the whole enchilada. (not counting your time to install it)

Yeah, you’re probably right- I don’t hear the motor. Thanks.