Broken power window

the driver’s side power window on my 97 Honda Civic (4 door) gave a grunt and now will not respond to the power up/down button. Can I fix this myself or does it require I take it to a mechanic? If I take to a mechanic, will it cost a fortune to fix?

If you can do basic repair work and know a little about basic electrical troubleshooting then you should be able to do the repairs yourself. The motor may be jammed somehow or power isn’t getting to the motor for some reason. I assume the passenger window is working ok so power is getting to the system.

If you have a shop do the work then it may cost you between 200 to 500 dollars to get this fixed. Just a guess on my part.

You have to pry the switch set out of the door and test the switches for power. You need a voltmeter for this. If there is power, then you need to remove the interior door panel, peel down the plastic water barrier, and check the motor. You could disconnect the window from the regulator and they try the switch. That will tell you whether the window is stuck or the motor/regulator are bad. You can get the regulator and motor on eBay for under $75.