2009 Tacoma Window Problems

I bought a brand new 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double CAB long Bed in August '09. Since that time myself and my wife (or other passengers) have noticed the passenger window doesn’t always go down when the passenger hits the button. The driver must first press the down button for the passenger window. After that first time of the driver hitting the down button for the passenger, the passenger has free will to go up or down until the car is turn off again.

I have tried hitting the window lock button on/off but the passenger button still doesn’t work. It seems that it is only the passenger window, the back windows seem to work all the time (however I don’t often have passengers in the back). Does anyone have a similar problem or suggest a fix?

I took it to the dealer for warrenty repair but they say they can not duplicate the problem.

Read your owners manual. My wife had a GM vehicle a few years ago that allowed her to lock out all other power windows with a switch on the drivers side door panel. There may be a similar switch or other function on your Tacoma.

Yes, the vehicle has that button and that is not the problem. I have checked that already. Since yesterday, the car was 2-3 with the window not working. after 3 times starting the car ans checking the window, the window did not work 2 times but worked on the 3rd time.