Power windows not working

I have a 2002 Mercury sable and have a problem with power windows. When you hit the driver’s door window up button, you hear a relay constantly clicking under the dash, fealing the relays up there it seems to be one of the top 2 in the bank of 4 at the top of the fuse box feeling for vibration as it clicks. Any of the other buttons results in a single click then nothing and if the door’s open as it was when I worked on it,the door chime stops and no window buttons make clicks or anything until I hit the driver’s door up button again. Now if I pull one of the relays I mentioned, hitting the window up and down buttons from the driver’s door does make the relay click once when pressed, once when released. Am I correct in thinking this is a power window relay under the hood, voltage seems alright where I checked it but not having a wiring diagram or anything I have no clue what’s what I only checked as well as I could from the fuse box. Another interesting issue which we’ve had off and on for a while now is when you put the car in gear, it will ding for about 3 minutes, seems more like an hour. No lights or anything, is this all related and I’m all wet on the window relay, or do I have something else going on here? I need the windows to open, I got sick of replacing AC compressors so pulled it out so we have no AC, it gets hot in there fast. I couldn’t care less about the dinging if that’s unrelated, the windows worked last I knew which was only a few weeks ago, that dinging was something it did in the fall when someone ever so nicely broke in to the car making the driver’s door no longer lock with the electric locks, another problem I can’t find but that wasn’t a huge concern, that door’s obviously been apart many times in the past so I’m not the first to have problems with it.

The device making the constant clicking may be a circuit breaker and not a relay. From what you say about the trouble and the cars age you are at the right time where the wiring in the driver side door jam may have a problem due to shorted or broken wires. There may be a short harness in the door that can replaced. You should get a factory wiring manual for the car. It will help you immensely. Ebay is a good place to purchase one.

You have a few relays and a Generic Electronic Module fore sensing over current. It could be a bad relay contact, replace the relays one at a time if you don’t have a meter. Bad switch if you have a meter that would be easy to check and or replace. The GEM or motor could be bad, but I would start with the easy and cheap stuff first.

Thanks for the drawing @knfenimore. It looks like electronic modules are big players in this circuit design.

The drawing gives you the fuses for the circuit so you can verify they are okay. I still fell there may be an issue with the door jam wire harness, at least for the door chime issue if not the windows. The trouble could be with one of the modules also and they are most likely fairly expensive to replace. So proper troubleshooting would be needed in order to make sure what is really wrong and not spend money on needless parts. This makes getting a factory service manual even more important to have.

I just checked Ebay and this is a no brainier, to me at least. There are numerous factory service manuals for sale there at bargain basement prices. You can purchase a full set for less than 50 dollars and just wiring manual can be had for under 10 dollars. I suggest you get a complete set rather than just the wiring manual. It will be some of the best money you spend on the car. Just the time it will save you is worth the cost. The manuals will show you all the info you need to know and where to find things in the car. The only other thing you need is your meter and problems will get fixed.

Link to just one of the many manual sales (I would buy this in a blink of an eye if I was working on this):