1999 cadillac deville


The right side window won’t go down, the gas lid and trunk won’t open with buttons. I’ve located the fuse boxes but can’t find any that is bad.I was told there was relays for the windows but can only locate the one for the a/c.


There’s room for reasonable doubt so I have to ask: when you checked the fuses, did you just look at them and assume they were good or did you replace them with PROVEN working ones?

Don’t put too much faith in brand new products off the shelf, especially ones that are mass produced.

Shipping and handling can damage components. So-called pre-gapped spark plugs are an example.

IF you have an owners manual (or have access to one) for this vehicle you can check (via the fuse/relay listing) to see if there is another circuit associated with these that may be faulty. There also may be a list on the bottom side of the fuse/relay box/panel cover.

Is there a fuse/relay box under the hood? (usually located close to the battery)

I have a feeling the power window is a separate circuit and there may be a broken electrical connection between the door (Drivers’ or passengers’) control switch and the window motor/regulator.

Trace the wiring and ensure there is power from the fuse panel to the power window door switches. If no power to the switch(es), there may be a broken wire inside the accordion (wire cover) between the door and the body.

Poor ground connections and/or faulty (worn/dirty) switches can cause your problems too.

Did these components break down at the same time or all of them individually at different times?


Thanks for the reply, I checked the fuses with a ohm meter one at a time. And as to happening all at one time I belive it did. I replaced the brakes and roters and found the antilock brake unplugged on the drivers side and plugged it back in, shortly after that those three things stopped working.