Power Windows, locks, presets no longer working!

Went to my car this morning, unlocked doors via key fob, all doors unlocked. Get in car go to hit preset… nothing, then check Windows nothing, mirrors again nothing, tried other door panels nothing.

Tried my key fob again and it locks/unlocks driver door only.

Sunroof works, idk if this is a different circuit/fuse.

Could this be a fuse or relay issue?

How old is your battery?

When a bunch of power-operated stuff suddenly stops working, it’s usually wise to start with the power that operates them.

Idk how old the battery is, tbh. Even if other stuff works like sunroof? Just asking.

What is “idk” and “tbh”?
Please write in English rather than I-phone babble. Save the babble for your buddies.

Yes, get the battery and charging system checked even if some stuff still works. Different systems need different amounts of current to operate. I motor that draws 5 amps won’t function on a battery that’s only able to deliver 4 amps.

Wow, I’m at work was trying to type as quickly as possible. “I don’t know” and “to be honest”. No need for the attitude.

Thanks for the answer tho, i will start there.

Battery is pushing 14.8 volts, also when I put the car in drive it only locks the driver door, the other doors remain unlocked.

Checking the fuses first is always prudent, but you may have a wire in a harness whose insulation has chafed and allowed a short to ground. Generally these can be found where the harness is regularly bent back and forth, as it is where the harness goes from through the firewall and to the driver’s door. A schematic and a wiring diagram (different documents) would be a big help diagnosing this. You might be able to get these from the dealer’s parts window.

There are also places that specialize in automotive electrical systems. If electrical systems aren’t your area of expertise, it may be worth bringing the car to one.