Chrysler voyager window switch

Just recently the drivers side power window started to have a problem. One day it wouldn’t open, however at the end of the day it was fine. And then just yesterday, I opened it a little as I was driving to work and then realized I now couldn’t close it. I t has been like this now for two days and it’s the end of November. I’m not sure that this is just a fuse problem because the other switches by this one are fine. the other thing to mention is that the switch started buzzing a while back when it was pushed. Does this sound like the switch has gone bad? And if so, how do I get to it without destroying the door panel in the process. I have and can use tools just fine and plan on trying to do this myself.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a bad switch to me (the buzzing). You didn’t tell us the year of your Voyager. If possible, I suggest obtaining a Haynes repair manual for you vehicle. It will tell you how to remove the switch (and/or the door panel, if necessary).

Sometimes the switch can be pried out of the panel. Other times you have to remove the inner door panel and replace the switch from the rear. I don’t know which is appropriate for a Voyager, but either way it’s a do-it-yourself project if you are willing.

try the switch with the engine off, in a noise free environment.

if the buzzing is coming from the switch itself, its a pretty easy job to loosen the inner door panel, and work the switch panel out. you can look around the 'net for a new switch and get a decent price.

if the buzzing is coming from the door window motor, then you have a bigger job. (actually it is similar to the switch repair, just a little more work)

i believe the hardest part of this job is the (successful) removal and re installation of the inner door panel. all said, without dinging up, or breaking the panel itself.

while you have the panel off, ensure the “window regulator” (the technical term for the window lowering, raising mechanism) is operating correctly, and didn’t contribute to the original cause of the first failure.

Thanks for the suggestions. By the way it’s a 2000 voyager. Does removing the inner door panel mean the entire
panel covering the door? Or just the small plastic part around the switches on the door. Where would be the best place online to look for this kind of part? Thanks again for the help.

To remove the door panel I think you need to pry the lower part of the panel off. Using a small putty knife place it between the door and the panel. Then slide it along the edge until you feel it hit a peg that pushes into the door. Pry it out and move on to the rest of the pegs in the panel. Be careful not to damage the panel. You will also have to remove the door handle. The panel should come off by pushing up from the bottom of the panel when everything is freed up.

The window circuit uses a resetable breaker so it is different from a normal fuse. It will reset itself, if tripped, after it cools down. The buzzing may be due to a jammed regulator so I wouldn’t replace any parts until you find out what is really causing the problem. Once you get into the panel you can apply power directly to the motor and see if that is woking ok. I would first look at the voltage at the motor with a meter to determine the polarity for the direction of the window.

I would guess from your description of the trouble that the window mechanism is jammed somehow and voltage is getting to the motor ok. If the motor is stuck then voltage on the terminals will be lower than normal due to the excessive load on the circuit.