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Power window wiring?

06 taurus 4 door i am getting a used door at junkyard tomorrow. i am going to use a cordless tool battery to hot wire the door so i can lower the glass and than use the jamb as a “sling” or lifting point. i am going to carry 2 doors. its the $50 special. i removed my current door panel to check out the wiring and there are 5 wires going to the rocker switch but only 2 wires go the door motor. i hooked up the wires and got the motor to go up/down by reversing the leads. why are there 5 wires in and only 2 out? its the pass front door. does the wire harness than send the feed down the line to the rear door?

You are right, the window motor just has two leads, and the up/down determination is just the polarity. The rocker switch has both inputs and outputs, for inputs it has + and - going to it from the battery, and it switches those to the outputs, the two wires which go to the motor presumably, so that accounts for 4 of the 5 wires. The other wire might be for a control from the drivers side, ground, or maybe for a door lock function.

Two wires from the master switch pass though the passenger switch to the motor so there are generally 4 wires connected to passenger switches, the other wire is for the window lock.

My math was wrong. I was thinking 5 in and 2 out? But it’s 3 in and 2 out. There is a 2nd harness with 2nd plug for door lock. Both wire bundles were tapped together.