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Power window weirdness

Hi. I’m experiencing some weirdness with the driver-side front power window on my 2006 Crown Vic Police Interceptor (P71).

Specifically, intermittently it won’t go down, only up. For example, I can lower the window & raise it, but after an hour (sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes) I’ll only be able to raise the window, but not lower it.

The next day, the cycle repeats itself where the window will work perfectly for a while then (like a battery being drained) I won’t be able to lower it at all.

This is only affecting the front driver’s side window… all the others are fine.

I don’t see anything to suspect it’s a window tracking issue nor does the window motor make any unusual noises or smells. I suspect the door switch, but the intermittent nature of the problem is odd.

Any help is appreciated.

I would bet on the window switch as well. This is based on the assumption that sometimes when it is part way up, it can’t be lowered. If this is not true, and it is only when it is all the way up that it can’t be lowered, then the motor or regulator may be binding.

Have you tried pressing harder or taping it or the door panel when it won’t work?

tardis, thanks for your reply.

When the window works, you wouldn’t know there is an issue. When it’s acting up, I can raise the window a little or a lot, but cannot lower it at all. The amount of pressure on the switch doesn’t make any difference and not seeing any difference with the door panel.

Also, my power locks and side view mirrors work fine, so I doubt it’s a wiring harness or fuse.

Window switch or Driver’s Door Module I would think.