Power Window Switch Stuck

Car Make/Model: 2001 Hyundai Elantra

So, in order to access the parking garage at work, free of charge, I MUST swipe my ID badge upon entering and exiting. That requires lowering my driver window (front left window) and extending my hand out. So, I pressed the switch downward to roll the window down, and I heard a small pop or click and all the sudden the switch was stuck in the downward position and my window would just roll all the way down. I would flick it upward, the window goes up, but then it retakes its downward position. I have to apply my window lock to keep it upward and sometimes I have to hold the switch up and immediately turn my car off to keep the window from rolling back down.

The window rolls up and down like it normally would. There is no slowness or delay…the motion still seems pretty smooth.


What are the possible problems and solutions?

How much to fix it, if I choose to?

This may seem like a rather simple question, but I’m going to admit I am a car novice, here. Thanks!!!

sounds like it need that switch.
It’s broken inside. Just a little brass teeter-totter in there and half of it has broken and lodged down in where it’s in constant contact.