Power window problem

I bought a 2007 Toyora Camery XLE in Dec 2007. The driver’s side power window started showing problem a few months ago. Sometimes (it doesn’t happen all the time), when I try to roll up the window, and when the window reaches the top, it would come right back to half way/or all the way to the bottom. The problem manifests more often when temporature is higher; some other times (but rarely), it’s ok.

I have brought my car back to a Toyota dealer to fix the problem, twice already. Dealer has replaced some parts, including motor for the power window, but the problem still exists. Anyone might know what’s happening?

My odometer reading is 35500 miles as of today; warranty will be expiring when milage reaches 36000. If I still cannot have the problem fixed by then, what are my options? My co-worker mentioned “California Lemon Law” the other day. How does it work?

Whoever is doing the work is simply not doing it correctly and adjusting things properly. There’s nothing complicated about power windows on a car-just an electric motor and some cables or gears that pull it upward and allow it to fall downward. Your car is not a lemon because of a power window issue. Try a different Toyota dealer and explain what’s going on.

Did anyone lube the window track? higher temperatures lead to window expansion which will increase friction between the window and the window track (gasket the window rides in). YOu might try spraying silicone on a folded paper towel and running the wet edge of the towel in the track on both sides of the door.