Power window help 2012 Ford Focus

My 2012 ford focus lost power to the drivers side power window. Was intermittent for a little while and then stopped working altogether. I took apart the door panel after buying a motor/regulator set but decided to test the power first before reinstalling a new set. I have power coming from the switch to the motor when I press the up/down switches. But when I checked power to the motor the light on my tester did not light up. How do I diagnose what is cause the loss in power to the motor? Do I have to take off all the tape holding the wires together??
Any/all help would be appreciated

Open the door, and near the hinges you’ll see a rubber conduit between the body and the door.

All the wires for the power door lock/window run thru this conduit.

Because this is the drivers door, which gets used the most, the wires in this conduit have a tendency to break.

That’s where I’d look for the loss of voltage.


You appear to be contradicting yourself. Please explain better what this means.

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The output from the switch connector produces power but the input to the motor on the same wires doesn’t have power. Thus there must be a break or interruption in the wiring coming from the switch

Ok, I understand now. Yes, if the motor was connected during both tests, there must be a break in the wire or a bad connector between the switch and the motor. I think both the power and the ground to the motor gets switched, in order to allow the motor to reverse direction.

How would I troubleshoot/fix this issue?

Obtain a wiring schematic, identify the color markings of the wires involved, and trace them out from the switch to the motor.