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Power Stop Brakes

hmm, tags didn’t work…

2007 Jeep Compass 2.4L, need pads and rotors front and back. RockAuto doesn’t have Raybestos parts for the front end under the Daily Driver category, only the Economy category, and I’m not interested in completely cheaping out on my brakes. Most of the options they show are from Power Stop, who I’ve never heard of. Does anybody have any comments about Power Stop brand brakes, good or bad?

I’m sure I can get Wagner or whatever locally, but I’ll pay a lot more for it.

Just realized I was looking at the pad and rotor kits - there’ s a lot more pads under the pads section… nevermind…

FWIW, I have power stop shoes on the rear of my truck. No issues with them so far, but they haven’t been on there that long. So do not know how they’ll wear compared to oem. Some of the truck forums speak highly of the powerstop brakes, claiming they’re better than oem.

I’ve used Power Stop regularly with no issues.

Thank you both.